Our services

We build industrial solar photovoltaic systems under EPC contract, providing a full range of services required for the implementation of the investment and construction project
Land works
Land works$20.00
  • Selection of suitable land plots.
  • Assessment and analysis of electricity distribution networks in the proposed solar power plant construction area.
  • Distribution of the land.
Project development
Project development$20.00
  • Technical and commercial evaluation of solar plant construction and operation, including performance forecasts.
  • Investigate options of solar station connecting to find the cheapest solution for building a power line.
  • Feasibility study of power supply line construction.
  • Design and survey work, preparation for construction.
  • Development of detailed documentation, obtaining approval of the competent authority, passing the state examination, if necessary.
  • Selection, procurement and delivery of the most suitable components in the best terms, saving costs and time.
Construction of the station
Construction of the station$20.00
  • Construction and installation.
  • Run and configure.
  • Network connection.
  • Commissioning.